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Jack Daniel stifles prosperity

WhiskeyThe beer, wine, and liquor trade is one of the most politically-corrupted industries in America. That’s due in part to our history of blue-nosed Puritans trying to use the power of the state to make us all just as virtuous and unhappy as they.  I’m sure I needn’t point out the ridiculous attempt to outlaw the sale of alcohol under Prohibition, which predictably resulted in huge rises in alcoholism, crime, and poisonings, as desperate alkys drank “denatured” alcohol that had been poisoned to protect them.

Although Prohibition was ended when its horrific damage to society became too obvious to ignore, it was one of the very few times the state has pulled back from trying to run our lives. And it didn’t pull back very much. Alcohol is still heavily regulated and taxed, for our own good of course. In my home state of Virginia, for example, liquor can only be sold in state-owned stores. And established alcohol sellers and makers have long since learned to cozy up to the power of the state.

Take a look at major contributors to the campaigns for legislator and governor in any state, and you’re almost certain to find that beer, wine, and liquor distributors are right at the top of the list. That’s because, like most state regulation, alcohol regulation serves the established businesses it is supposed to oversee, by raising barriers to entry. A liquor distributing license, for example, is very difficult (and expensive) to get, and thus it’s really a license to make money.

Another example of this symbiotic relationship is what’s going on now in Tennessee. It seems that the Jack Daniel distillery has managed to persuade the honorable legislators of Tennessee to pass a law saying that whiskey makers in the state have to make their whiskey the way Jack Daniel does. Even if they want to make it differently. That adds a great deal of expense to the process, with debatable effects on quality, and, as intended, raises a barrier to entry:

Distillers: Stuffy whiskey law stifles town’s revival

The only thing standing in the way, say distillers Michael Ballard and Jesse James Dupree, is the state’s stuffy law restricting how spirits must be made so they can be marketed as “Tennessee Whiskey.” …

“It’s been over a year now that we’ve sat dormant because of this whiskey law,” Dupree said. “That’s another 30 people in this town who would be working.” The elements of the state law most under dispute are that spirits must be filtered through charcoal and stored in unused oak barrels in order to be called Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel’s argues that the law establishes basic quality requirements. Ballard and Dupree disagree.

This is also an example of how Minitrue twists the truth. It’s not that Tennesee is “stuffy” at all. It’s much more sinister: collusion between the state and rent-seeking businesses to prevent competition.

I’ll never drink Jack Daniel’s again. I used to like it, but then it seemed to get less flavorful. At first I thought my sense of taste was deteriorating. Then I found that they had watered it down, first from from 90 to 86 proof, and finally to 80 proof. So much for their cant about “quality.” And now this.

Uber delenda est

New-Logo-Vertical-Dark copyI thought that old-style Marxist analysis was pretty much dead, overwhelmed and elbowed out by critical theory. But no, it’s still around, and still as ridiculous as ever, although not as well-written — or even as well thought-out:

Today, the vision of a truly speeded Earth wanders as a mirage, meandering with possibilities beside us. From logistics that clock products and services across this world, to unprecedented, and often nefarious, advancements in smart infrastructure and science, and most notably, the connectivity of our world through social media — our lives are already at a fight against death.

No, I don’t know what it means, either. But wait, it gets better. What the little dear is getting at is that the Net-based car service Uber is a vicious octopus, taking over the world and pulling unsuspecting car drivers into its clammy embrace, there to be trapped and turned into dehumanized robots never to know the taste of freedom again. And here you thought it was a way for people to give other people rides and earn money. Also, Uber’s into sex slavery:

At the tap of a button, the Uber driver is at the command of its customer, ready to transport an individual or a clique to their destination. The software from its very core connects absolute strangers as commercial associates. And when we factor in the fluctuating fare rates Uber controls very often, or the commission the corporation takes, using its drivers as independent contractors responsible for their own wear and tear, then the very old, assaultive and objectifying practice of procuring, or more colloquially and relatively, of pimping, comes to mind.

Prostitution is at the behest of every patriarchal society. When bodies are objectified as commodities to provide pleasure, either sexual, or in Uber’s case — to that of “instant gratification” which, too, aligns along a sexual verse — exploitation flourishes for a very basic reason: that anyone can be used for being a human being.

The world is a terrifying place indeed, for those in the know.

The real issue, of course, is the one that motivates all leftist agendas: power and control. Uber has established a new hired-transportation paradigm, one that isn’t subject to many of the old rules established to enable the state to rule us and interfere in our private affairs and transactions. That means it is a threat to the established order.

Thus the many scare stories in Minitrue about people having bad experiences with an Uber ride. The irony here is that the writer of this screed believes she is attacking the established order like a good little Marxist, when she’s really just a running dog for the Establishment.

Ratcheting down on freedom


I guess while I wasn’t looking we’ve crossed another bridge. Some lowlife at the University of Mississippi allegedly hung a noose on the statue of St. James Meredith. Bad taste, yes. Lousy manners, sure. But now, it’s also a federal crime:

A federal grand jury indicted Harris, from Alpharetta, Georgia, on one count of conspiracy to violate civil rights and one count of using a threat of force to intimidate African American students at the university because of their race or color.

Let me point out that it takes some imagination to convert a piece of rope hung on a statue from a scurrilous insult to an actual threat. Did anyone really think that somebody was actually going to start stringing people up? And how does an expression of an opinion by a private citizen, however crude and stupid, violate civil rights, which are supposedly our rights against the powers of the state?

The charges were brought jointly on Friday by the Department of Justice civil rights division, the FBI in Oxford, Mississippi, and the US attorney’s office for the northern district of the state.

This crime was so serious that the FBI actually investigated! I remember when they supposedly stuck to little things like bank robbery and kidnapping, and only investigated dissent and socially questionable types (including “civil rights” activists) on the sly. Well no longer. Now they go after social pariahs openly.

It was only a while back that I chuckled when a Turkish prosecutor went after some guy who insisted on talking about the Armenian mass murder, which the Turkish regime insists didn’t happen. The charge was “insulting Turkishness.” Of course, what do you expect from a country like Turkey, right? Well, now insulting Americans is apparently a crime too:

“This shameful and ignorant act is an insult to all Americans and a violation of our most strongly held values,” said the attorney general, Eric Holder.

Also, I seem to remember that being ignorant was a mitigating factor in the commission of a crime in the past. Now, apparently, it’s the opposite: an aggravating factor.

The upshot is that now you can be arrested and charged with a federal offense for insulting the right kind of person, if you are the wrong kind of person. Needless to say, if the noose-hanger had been black, there would be no arrest. And we’ve already seen that insulting, or even threatening or attacking, white people because they’re white, is not considered a crime by Mr. Holder and his allies. You can hang Sarah Palin in effigy, for instance, and it’s all good fun.

You wouldn’t dream of hanging a noose on a statue, you say? I’m with you there. But don’t get cocky. If you’ve got some questionable opinions, say on Climate Change, perhaps, how long before expressing them gets the same response here in the Land of the Free?

A moment of beauty

 Even in Bizarro World, there is still beauty, despite the efforts of those who would stamp it out. Some even share it freely as a gift to others. In this season of Advent, may the blessings of the Spotless Rose be with you and those you love.

The crimes of Greenpeace

Environmental vandalism by self-important “environmentalists.”

Greenpeace is the quintessential self-righteous lefty pressure group. Its leaders are dedicated to destroying prosperity and the living standards of ordinary people while pulling down nice salaries and being portrayed by the News Media as noble protectors of the environment, etc.

Their attacks against humanity include:

  • Preventing the use of crops that could prevent starvation among the poor in the Third World;

In addition, the  organization is one of the primary pushers of the increasingly discredited “global warming” or “climate change” scam. And it was in attempting to keep that scam alive that they committed a truly outrageous environmental crime:

CARACAS, Venezuela — An expression of concern by the environmental group Greenpeace about the carbon footprint was marred this week by real footprints — in a fragile, and restricted, landscape near the Nazca lines, ancient man-made designs etched in the Peruvian desert.

The Peruvian authorities said activists from the group damaged a patch of desert when they placed a large sign that promoted renewable energy near a set of lines that form the shape of a giant hummingbird.

The Nazca lines may be a thousand years old. They were etched into the soil on a high, dry, barren Peruvian plateau in the Andes by a mysterious, long-lost Indian tribe. Like the surface of the moon, marks in the soil there last indefinitely — a characteristic that has allowed the gigantic, otherworldly pre-Columbian artworks there to remain almost pristine for centuries. Unfortunately, that means that footprints there also don’t go away. While the giant glyphs on other parts of the plateau have been damaged by squatters and visitors, the area that Greenpeace chose to use has remained relatively untouched. For that reason, nobody — and that means nobody — is allowed to walk there, to prevent damage to the irreplaceable prehistoric art. All viewing must be from the air.

The self-important “green” activists who tramped all over the place installing their propaganda banner knew about the restrictions. But like others of their kind, they figured the rules didn’t apply to them. That’s because their mission is so good and noble that it negates the traditions, morality, and good manners that prevent most of us from vandalizing things that don’t belong to us.

It’s an attitude that’s encouraged by Minitrue’s mostly fawning coverage of this gang of scoundrels, but it cuts no ice with the Peruvians, who have found, like the Greenlanders and Sub-Saharan Africans before them, that Greenpeace really doesn’t really give a damn about them. The Peruvian Deputy Minister of Culture called the stunt “a slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred.”

“This stupidity has co-opted part of the identity of our heritage that will now be forever associated with the scandal of Greenpeace,” he said.

But while various Third Worlders may remember the atrocities committed by Greenpeace against them, here in the industrialized West this scandal will evaporate after a week or so. Greenpeace’s well-paid leaders are properly contrite, as they always are when bad publicity results from their antics. And the organization is part of the ruling establishment, so its crimes are minimized and apologized for by those who instruct us in what to think. In a few months, nobody will remember. That’s just how things work.

Joe Biden: tough guy!


Joe Biden, valiant defender of women,  once threatened to kill a bully who pushed his sister off her bike.

‘I walked up behind him and smashed his head next to the counter’ …  ‘His father grabbed me, and I looked at his son and said, “If you ever touch my sister again, I’ll come back here again and I’ll kill your son” ‘ 

It happened, of course, after the devout Catholic Biden left Sunday Mass. The steely-eyed assistant emperor revealed this thrilling secret when addressing a charity event for “Vital Voices,” a feminist sandbox dedicated to promoting rape scares.

Of course, some might say that Biden has a bit of a credibility problem. For instance:

  • He committed plagiarization in law school, and later lied about his grades;
  • He told a string of lies during the vice presidential debate in 2008;
  • Also in 2008 he tried to milk the sympathy vote by untruthfully claiming that his first wife and child were killed by a drunk driver;
  • In 2012 he said that Catholic institutions would not be forced to pay for abortions under ObamaCare, which was proved wrong when the HHS went after the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to do exactly that. Devout Catholic Biden has apparently not moved a muscle to prevent or stop the Feds’ assault on religious freedom;
  • Also in 2012 he lied about the debacle in Benghazi, in which a U.S. ambassador was killed during an assault on the U.S. consulate there;

And now he claims that he courageously confronted a bully, in a scene reminiscent of a Clint Eastwood movie, when he was a kid. In a rational world, he would be laughed off the stage wherever he went. In Bizarro World, he’s one heartbeat away from being Emperor. And they say your vote matters.



Future fashion disasters

Back when I was young, in the 1970s, the cool thing was to wear long hair, sidewhiskers, and platform heels. I had an Yves St. Laurent suit that was nipped in at the waist, with gigantic lapels, false shoulders, and flared hiphuggers. It was worn with shirts with high and long collars and ties that were about as thick as coat sleeves. When I wore it I KNEW I was cool.

And the casual wear was just as bad. Or worse:


There are few photos of me during that time, and access to them is tightly restricted to family and close friends. That’s because, with today’s eyes, I looked ridiculous. We all did; the ’70s were a time of some of the worst fashion taste ever. The great thing, then, is that I didn’t have to keep wearing those hideous clothes and that stupid hair.

Which brings us to this little darling:


Sure, he’s an extreme example. Few people go to the trouble of mutilating themselves by stretching their earlobes like members of some savage Amazon tribe. But tattoos have become ubiquitous. I see otherwise beautiful women all the time who have disfigured themselves with tattoos, many of them where they can’t be covered with clothes. And the worst thing is that even those that are skilfully applied are not esthetically pleasing, but in the worst of taste: dragons, flags, gothic-style script, etc. They’re usually comparable in elegance to a “velvet Elvis”.

So here’s the thing, sweethearts. In twenty years, your tattoos are going to be as lame and embarrassing as my blue plaid bellbottoms and wide white belt. But you’ll still be wearing them. You’ll be just as pathetic as those old guys you see still wearing pony tails, trying to hang on to the glory of their long-vanished youth. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Open season on white people

People of color express their legitimate frustration with white privilege.

In Ferguson, the cops have stood by and watched while savages burned and looted. Emperor Obama and other eminent frauds feebly protested that burning and looting weren’t appropriate expressions of no-doubt righteous anger, but it was obvious that their hearts weren’t really in it.

And, as if to emphasize the Establishment’s indifference to the suffering of ordinary people who saw their livelihoods go up in smoke, the News Media, our informal Ministry of Truth, refuses to call the riots riots. Instead, they refer to the mayhem as “protests,” whitewashing the actions of gleeful criminals who destroy the lives and property of others.

Meanwhile, the cops make a point of preventing business owners from using private guards to protect their property.

The overall impression on weak minds must inevitably be that, while officially frowned upon, the violence in Ferguson is justified, and that really it’s okay with the powers that be. That’s because it is being carried out by black people, who are special and who have a right to be angry and violent when they’re
upset about something.

Now the St. Louis police and Minitrue are dealing with the inevitable fallout of such an approach with more mendacity. It seems a bunch of “teens,” code for young people of a certain ethnicity, attacked and beat a white man to death with hammers in that city.

One of the “teens” charged with the bludgeoning murder of a man who wasn’t killed because he was Bosnian.

One might think it reasonable to consider the possibility, under the circumstances, that he was murdered because he was white. But we’re supposed to believe that didn’t even enter the mind of the chief of police in St. Louis:

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson addressed protesters Sunday and pledged to crack down on crime in the area, but denied that Begic was killed because of his ethnicity.

Dotson refused to believe 32 year-old Zemir Begic’s death was a “hate” crime because there was no way the “teens” of a certain ethnicity could know he was … Bosnian. I’m not making that up.

“There is no indication that the gentleman last night was targeted because he was Bosnian,” Dotson said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There’s no indication that they knew each other.”

The fact that the victim might have been targeted because he was simply white is something that the chief would have us believe he never even considered. Only in Bizarro World could he show such open contempt for ordinary people and not be pelted with rotten fruit or worse.

You can imagine the headlines, and the chief’s reaction, if the races had been switched. If a black man had been bludgeoned by whites, it would have led every newscast. There would be protest marches, outraged speeches, finger-wagging essays by bien-pensants in the New York Times. But as it is, only “right-wing” Fox News paid attention, and even it fudges the issue with its headline:

Pack of teens beats man to death near Ferguson, but protests sparse

Protests were sparse. So no worries, then.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post informs us that white people should acknowledge that they have an unfair advantage because of “white privilege.” Sally Cohn, a commentator for CNN, sets us straight about black rage:

Black communities are ultimately protesting systems of injustice and inequality that structurally help white people while systematically harming black people.

Mizz Cohn magnanimously lets us know that, “It is not your personal fault that Michael Brown was shot and killed.” Whew! That’s a relief! But then she goes on to tell us:

Too many white people refuse to own up to — let alone confront — racial bias in America. We check out of conversations on race that communities of color are desperately trying to include us in. The truth is that some white people can hear this only from another white person.

And she’s the enlightened, caring white person who can tell us.

The manifest maladaptations of black “culture:” its horrifying violence; its lack of two-parent households; its insistence on conformity, or “keeping it real;” its hostility to “acting white,” or behaving responsibly; its embracing of dependency on state handouts; its degrading “music” that promotes violence and sexual exploitation of women; its blind allegiance to obvious charlatans such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; its toleration of open hatred against whites; and so on, apparently have little to do with the current sorry state of black society, if Mizz Cohn is to be believed. So it appears that a real conversation, in which difficult facts and opinions are freely expressed, is not actually on her agenda.

No, the “conversation” she and her cohorts are pushing is limited to a monologue about the way we whites carry an invisible shield of “privilege” that causes black misery.

Not surprisingly, some brainwashed whites have embraced this self-defeating attitude, to the ridiculous point of justifying criminal acts by blacks against themselves.

In truth, all this talk about “white privilege” is a cover for the real motivation of the Establishment liberals: hatred of the white middle and lower classes, with their vestigial (and rapidly declining) beliefs in God and basic virtues. It’s not that the elites actually like most blacks, either. But black misery and self-degradation provide a guilt stick that they can use to beat ordinary white people, whom they despise more than anyone else.

And if blacks respond to their relentless propaganda, and black violence against whites gets out of hand, people like Mizz Cohn and the rest of her truly privileged group will no doubt be protected from it by their money and power.

They will shake their heads sorrowfully, but with some satisfaction, as you and I get what they know we deserve.