Iraq implodes

Remember the “Surge?” That was in 2007, when then-Emperor Bush committed 20,000 additional troops to Iraq to quell rising violence. That violence was the result of the Empire’s invasion, which had destroyed the uneasy peace Saddam Hussein’s regime had imposed on the various mutually hostile ethnic factions: Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites, etc. Saddam had quelled disputes through a combination of networking allies, balancing factions against each other, and good old surveillance and terror. When he went, the old hatreds and grudges sprang forth again full-blown.

At home we were told by the Ministry of Truth, otherwise known as the Mainstream Media, that the Surge, in combination with the so-called “Sunni Awakening,” had cleaned out the bad guys, paving the way for peace and harmony. In fact, the Sunni Awakening was built on bribing Sunni warlords with U.S. dollars to leave Imperial Storm Troopers alone and fight the warlords who wouldn’t take bribes. When the Storm Troopers and their dollars went away, the warlords started acting up again. Meanwhile, the Shia-controlled al Maliki regime was going out of its way to make life difficult for the Sunni minority. This led to bad feelings and more support for warlords and terrorists among the Sunni population.

All this was disastrous for what was once the most prosperous and advanced Arab country in the world. A country that once had decent health care by Third World standards, good water supplies and sanitation, and a rising standard of living, saw them all all shattered by U.S. economic sanctions, bombs, and bullets, and then the civil unrest that inevitably followed. Iraq is effectively destroyed as a country. Its subjects live in squalor, disease, and violence; their relative prosperity now but a bitter memory.

Meanwhile, because the War on the Iraqis was such a success, the Empire has moved on to helping other benighted peoples. It sponsored the overthrow of the disgusting Muammar Gaddaffi, which also, surprisingly enough, resulted in the breakdown of civil society in Libya, destruction of the standard of living, rising violence, and other benefits. Like the Iraqi regime, the new Libyan regime is not really very friendly to the U.S. And the unrest has liberated many of Gaddaffi’s weapons and put out of work the mercenaries who worked for him. Many of those were from Mali, one of the most backward, dirt-poor countries on the face of the Earth. With nothing to do in Libya, they returned home and started a civil war there.

The Libyan repercussions apparently reached as far as Nigeria, where the terrorist group Boko Haram has provided comfortable upper-middle-class feminists with a welcome excuse for self-righteous indignation by kidnapping a bunch of schoolgirls. That kidnapping is just one among many atrocities, some of which are much worse but somehow don’t seem to get as much publicity. What also doesn’t get much publicity is the fact that Boko Haram’s weapons seem to have come from Libya.

All of which brings us to our Emperor’s latest little adventure, the ongoing disaster in Syria. Just as the U.S. provoked the overthrow of Gaddaffi, so it is interfering in Syria, working to overthrow the regime there, which is controlled by adherents of a quasi-Shiite sect called the Alawites. The result is the usual violence, destruction, death, and misery inflicted mostly on innocent civilian non-combatants. But, interestingly enough, the violence and destruction has spilled into Iraq, bringing us full circle. The vicious Sunni killers the U.S. is aiding in Syria are apparently big pals with the vicious Sunni killers now throwing Iraq into chaos. It would seem that some of the weapons and other aid the U.S. is giving the Syrian rebels are now being used to fight the Iraqi regime that the U.S. installed. The result seems to be shaping up to an all-out civil war, as the rebels are growing stronger and now have access to heavy weapons, including tanks. Increasingly, the al Maliki regime is starting to look like the South Vietnamese regime in the 1970s. And it stands as much chance of getting any real help from the U.S.

As I’ve said before, the only thing that’s as dangerous as being an enemy of the United State is being its friend.

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