Netanyahu Insults Pope. Twice.

The rulers of Israel are some of the most arrogant and ruthless on the planet, which is saying something.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who for years has presided over the gradual dispossession and retail genocide of the Palestinians — many of whom are Catholic — went out of his way to insult Vice Emperor Biden a few years ago. It is official United State policy to oppose Israeli illegal settlements on land belonging to the Palestinians. The Israeli state openly flouts the US position, but Netanyahu went out of his way to announce new settlements during a visit by Biden, effectively giving him — and by extension, Obama — the finger.

Now Netanyahu has tried to humiliate Pope Francis, who is visiting the Holy Land, and who is concerned about the way Palestinian members of his flock, as well as Muslims, are treated with murderous contempt by the vicious Israeli state.

It’s truly bizarre that a tiny little state like Israel can behave in such an obnoxiously belligerent fashion both to the leader of the greatest religious institution in the world, and to the most powerful empire the world has ever seen, without apparent fear of repercussions. The rulers of any other state that size would never dare do such things. That such things can happen, and go unremarked upon here, is an illustration of the power of the Israel lobby in America, and the cowardice and corruption of opinion makers.

One thought on “Netanyahu Insults Pope. Twice.”

  1. Bibi’s ability to ‘have his way’ isn’t really a commentary on the power of the Judaic lobby as much as it’s a commentary on those who are the masters of the lobby and of the Knesset, both in Israel and it’s counterpart in Washington D.C.–as Michael Hoffman calls it, the Knesset East and the Knesset West.

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