Moto-jingoism swamps the Imperial capital

Marine salute

Today, as on every Memorial Day weekend, Washington City is awash with hordes of biker dudes, wrapping themselves in the flag, blasting around on unmuffled machines, and generally being a nuisance. They are here as part of “Rolling Thunder,” an event that is supposedly in support of American missing prisoners of the War Against the Vietnamese. In fact, however, they are doing nothing to expose the betrayal of hundreds of those prisoners of war, who were left to rot and die because of the cowardice of Richard Nixon and his henchman Henry Kissinger.


It’s beyond ironic that these people, who are supposedly concerned about the fate of the missing men, are participating in an event that is organized with the help of the establishment that continues to cover up the truth about their fate, even gathering at the Pentagon, which has actively stonewalled all attempts to explore the issue.

As I point out in my article “Rolling Flatulence” of several years ago, “Rolling Thunder” is a an officially-sanctioned circus that covers up the real truth about POW-MIAs. It propagates the jingoistic attitudes that help make war such a profitable enterprise for our rulers, and such a horrific burden on the rest of us.


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