Meet Mr. Poo!

Mr. PooPublic defecation is a huge problem in India, so there’s now a campaign, like an anti-litter campaign here, to discourage it. It uses an anthropomorphic turd. I’m not kidding.

This story is terrifying. It says that only half the population of the country uses toilets, and 44 percent of mothers dispose of their children’s feces in the open. But that’s not the scary part.

This is the scary part:

This campaign is promoted in television spots, and also on smart phone apps!

Think about that. Apparently many of the same people who think nothing about squatting and doing their business in public places have TVs and smart phones!

This illustrates the fact that Indian society is quite a bit different than ours. I remember reading about the founding of the Indian state. A Western reporter was covering a meeting of the Indian Congress, which later became the Congress Party. He noted that the meeting area, which was outside, was littered with feces, which had been left by the supposedly well-educated participants. He remarked on this to one of the Congress members, who shrugged and pointed out that it was not up to members of his caste to clean up turds.

Then there was the revelation that Morarji Desai, the Prime Minister of India from 1997 to ’99, started every morning with a refreshing drink of his own urine — which apparently is not uncommon — and recommended washing your eyes with it to prevent cataracts. The urine and feces of sacred cows is sold in India for medicinal purposes.

Of course, we’re talking about Hindus here, and India has many other religions, including Jainism, in which believers end their lives by deciding to “live on air,” and Islam. Muslims from the Indian subcontinent have colonized Britain, and it seems to have led to some problems. Pakistanis, who make up only 4 percent of the the population, are responsible for 91 percent of rapes, many against underage girls, which has led to some hard feelings. Apparently the Islamic teaching that the rape of infidels is actually a good thing clashes with traditional British beliefs.

The point is this: people who come from other countries don’t just look different. They often view the world in fundamentally different ways. And sometimes that means that having a lot of them in our country may have some undesirable effects. I understand that to say such a thing is considered evil by the people who decide what is good and bad, but there you are.

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