Home schooled? You’re fired!

A company named NiSource rescinded its hiring of somebody because they discovered he had been home schooled.

Ostensibly the reason is that his high-school diploma is considered invalid. That’s because the state of Ohio does not recognize diplomas earned by home schooled kids. It’s a nice little Catch-22, especially because home schooled kids tend to be far better educated than those who’ve gone through the public child prison system.

It’s an example of the ways the “private sector” and the state collude against people who stray off the reservation. Home schooling is viewed as a threat by our rulers because it protects kids from the state schools’ relentless indoctrination in being good little docile “citizens,” with no capacity for critical thinking. As a result of this little action parents will be forced to consider whether they want their children to have their economic prospects crippled for life if they home school them.

This is the way Polite Totalitarianism works. Nobody goes to jail; the state doesn’t have to actively threaten anyone. But you wind up getting penalized for resisting the state just the same.

It’s interesting to note that NiSource is in the energy distribution business, which is heavily state regulated and often makes use of the “eminent domain” principle to dispossess people of their property with the help of the state. The company also recently received an “ethics” award, and its website boasts about its policies supporting “sustainability,” “inclusion and diversity,” and other modern-day politically-correct shibboleths. Maybe this guy is lucky he didn’t get the job, after all.

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