The Broward County Sheriff’s incompetence is even worse than you thought

REVEALED: Broward County Deputy Who Gave ‘Stage’ Order That Kept Cops Outside Parkland Shooting

Isn't political correctness wonderful?
Isn’t political correctness wonderful?


It turns out that part of the reason four deputy sheriffs loitered outside Stoneman Douglas High School was a captain who ordered them by radio to form a “perimeter” instead of going in and saving some lives.

And guess what? That captain is a woman.

So we have:
  •  A policy of allowing juvenile criminals off the hook to prevent a “school to prison pipeline,” for minority members. Said policy prevented the arrest of the Hispanic shooter even though he had committed crimes, because he was Hispanic. Thus he was able to walk around free and collect an arsenal when he should have been in jail;
  • A cowardly deputy “resource officer” who hides instead of confronting the shooter;
  • A woman commander who orders her charges not to interfere with the killing.
  •  The Sheriff, who boasts of his “amazing leadership” in promoting politically-correct policies and personnel, and in hiring incompetent staff.
  • Plus, the FBI admits it didn’t do what it was supposed to do when it was tipped off that Cruz was dangerous, thus, again, allowing him to run around loose.

We find this out at the same time that they’re telling us we shouldn’t be able to arm ourselves; that we should trust the State to protect us instead.

Ever get the feeling that our rulers don’t really have our best interests at heart?

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