Thanks, NSA!

nsa-all-your-dataIt turns out that our own “security” commissars are responsible for the current “Wannacry” ransomware disaster now affecting computers all over the world. What a surprise.

That’s right. Thanks to whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, it’s been known for some time that the so-called National Security Agency (NSA) has been using its massive hacking resources to develop software that can break into and take over people’s computers, without the user knowing. Supposedly this is to protect our “security.”

That’s bad enough, but now we learn that this “security” agency — whose uplifting motto is “Defending our Nation, Securing the Future” —  is so insecure that it has allowed its snooping software to escape into “the wild”, where it was used by hackers to install ransomware on hundreds of thousands of computers. The ransomware encrypted their hard drives, rendering them useless until a ransom of $300 was paid in Bitcoin.

That’s in addition to the fact that the NSA has pressured huge cyber companies such as Google, to provide “back doors” — or security vulnerabilities — in their products to allow Federal snoopers to read the encrypted private files and communications of millions of U.S. private citizens. And the further fact that the NSA records and stores all communications in the U.S. — which leads one to wonder if any U.S. politicians have been blackmailed with embarrassing information, either by Federal “security” officials, or by someone else who managed to get hold of it because of lousy Federal “security.”

Then there’s the interesting allegation that data routers made by U.S. companies also have “back doors” built into them by the NSA, meaning that anybody with any sense — especially foreign customers — wouldn’t buy one. Way to promote “American Made,” NSA!

Aside from the millions, perhaps billions of dollars in damage caused, this latest outrage has resulted in hospitals being unable to help patients, some of whom may have died as a result. And it isn’t the first time U.S. developed malware has escaped and caused massive damage. The Stuxnet computer worm, developed apparently by the U.S. and Israel to attack Iranian uranium centrifuges, also got out and destroyed computer-controlled machines in factories, mainly in Third World countries such as India and Indonesia.

But such is only a small part of the price the world must pay so that the Empire can be “secure.” And don’t worry. Our rulers have everything in hand.


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