Uber delenda est

New-Logo-Vertical-Dark copyI thought that old-style Marxist analysis was pretty much dead, overwhelmed and elbowed out by critical theory. But no, it’s still around, and still as ridiculous as ever, although not as well-written — or even as well thought-out:

Today, the vision of a truly speeded Earth wanders as a mirage, meandering with possibilities beside us. From logistics that clock products and services across this world, to unprecedented, and often nefarious, advancements in smart infrastructure and science, and most notably, the connectivity of our world through social media — our lives are already at a fight against death.

No, I don’t know what it means, either. But wait, it gets better. What the little dear is getting at is that the Net-based car service Uber is a vicious octopus, taking over the world and pulling unsuspecting car drivers into its clammy embrace, there to be trapped and turned into dehumanized robots never to know the taste of freedom again. And here you thought it was a way for people to give other people rides and earn money. Also, Uber’s into sex slavery:

At the tap of a button, the Uber driver is at the command of its customer, ready to transport an individual or a clique to their destination. The software from its very core connects absolute strangers as commercial associates. And when we factor in the fluctuating fare rates Uber controls very often, or the commission the corporation takes, using its drivers as independent contractors responsible for their own wear and tear, then the very old, assaultive and objectifying practice of procuring, or more colloquially and relatively, of pimping, comes to mind.

Prostitution is at the behest of every patriarchal society. When bodies are objectified as commodities to provide pleasure, either sexual, or in Uber’s case — to that of “instant gratification” which, too, aligns along a sexual verse — exploitation flourishes for a very basic reason: that anyone can be used for being a human being.

The world is a terrifying place indeed, for those in the know.

The real issue, of course, is the one that motivates all leftist agendas: power and control. Uber has established a new hired-transportation paradigm, one that isn’t subject to many of the old rules established to enable the state to rule us and interfere in our private affairs and transactions. That means it is a threat to the established order.

Thus the many scare stories in Minitrue about people having bad experiences with an Uber ride. The irony here is that the writer of this screed believes she is attacking the established order like a good little Marxist, when she’s really just a running dog for the Establishment.

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