Open season on white people

People of color express their legitimate frustration with white privilege.

In Ferguson, the cops have stood by and watched while savages burned and looted. Emperor Obama and other eminent frauds feebly protested that burning and looting weren’t appropriate expressions of no-doubt righteous anger, but it was obvious that their hearts weren’t really in it.

And, as if to emphasize the Establishment’s indifference to the suffering of ordinary people who saw their livelihoods go up in smoke, the News Media, our informal Ministry of Truth, refuses to call the riots riots. Instead, they refer to the mayhem as “protests,” whitewashing the actions of gleeful criminals who destroy the lives and property of others.

Meanwhile, the cops make a point of preventing business owners from using private guards to protect their property.

The overall impression on weak minds must inevitably be that, while officially frowned upon, the violence in Ferguson is justified, and that really it’s okay with the powers that be. That’s because it is being carried out by black people, who are special and who have a right to be angry and violent when they’re
upset about something.

Now the St. Louis police and Minitrue are dealing with the inevitable fallout of such an approach with more mendacity. It seems a bunch of “teens,” code for young people of a certain ethnicity, attacked and beat a white man to death with hammers in that city.

One of the “teens” charged with the bludgeoning murder of a man who wasn’t killed because he was Bosnian.

One might think it reasonable to consider the possibility, under the circumstances, that he was murdered because he was white. But we’re supposed to believe that didn’t even enter the mind of the chief of police in St. Louis:

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson addressed protesters Sunday and pledged to crack down on crime in the area, but denied that Begic was killed because of his ethnicity.

Dotson refused to believe 32 year-old Zemir Begic’s death was a “hate” crime because there was no way the “teens” of a certain ethnicity could know he was … Bosnian. I’m not making that up.

“There is no indication that the gentleman last night was targeted because he was Bosnian,” Dotson said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There’s no indication that they knew each other.”

The fact that the victim might have been targeted because he was simply white is something that the chief would have us believe he never even considered. Only in Bizarro World could he show such open contempt for ordinary people and not be pelted with rotten fruit or worse.

You can imagine the headlines, and the chief’s reaction, if the races had been switched. If a black man had been bludgeoned by whites, it would have led every newscast. There would be protest marches, outraged speeches, finger-wagging essays by bien-pensants in the New York Times. But as it is, only “right-wing” Fox News paid attention, and even it fudges the issue with its headline:

Pack of teens beats man to death near Ferguson, but protests sparse

Protests were sparse. So no worries, then.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post informs us that white people should acknowledge that they have an unfair advantage because of “white privilege.” Sally Cohn, a commentator for CNN, sets us straight about black rage:

Black communities are ultimately protesting systems of injustice and inequality that structurally help white people while systematically harming black people.

Mizz Cohn magnanimously lets us know that, “It is not your personal fault that Michael Brown was shot and killed.” Whew! That’s a relief! But then she goes on to tell us:

Too many white people refuse to own up to — let alone confront — racial bias in America. We check out of conversations on race that communities of color are desperately trying to include us in. The truth is that some white people can hear this only from another white person.

And she’s the enlightened, caring white person who can tell us.

The manifest maladaptations of black “culture:” its horrifying violence; its lack of two-parent households; its insistence on conformity, or “keeping it real;” its hostility to “acting white,” or behaving responsibly; its embracing of dependency on state handouts; its degrading “music” that promotes violence and sexual exploitation of women; its blind allegiance to obvious charlatans such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; its toleration of open hatred against whites; and so on, apparently have little to do with the current sorry state of black society, if Mizz Cohn is to be believed. So it appears that a real conversation, in which difficult facts and opinions are freely expressed, is not actually on her agenda.

No, the “conversation” she and her cohorts are pushing is limited to a monologue about the way we whites carry an invisible shield of “privilege” that causes black misery.

Not surprisingly, some brainwashed whites have embraced this self-defeating attitude, to the ridiculous point of justifying criminal acts by blacks against themselves.

In truth, all this talk about “white privilege” is a cover for the real motivation of the Establishment liberals: hatred of the white middle and lower classes, with their vestigial (and rapidly declining) beliefs in God and basic virtues. It’s not that the elites actually like most blacks, either. But black misery and self-degradation provide a guilt stick that they can use to beat ordinary white people, whom they despise more than anyone else.

And if blacks respond to their relentless propaganda, and black violence against whites gets out of hand, people like Mizz Cohn and the rest of her truly privileged group will no doubt be protected from it by their money and power.

They will shake their heads sorrowfully, but with some satisfaction, as you and I get what they know we deserve.

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