Google elites show us a distopian future

googlenaziA recent spate of reports about vicious anti-free speech behavior among the management of the tech giant Google is enough to send shivers up one’s spine. They fired one software engineer for arguing that the reason there are fewer women than men in science, math, and technical fields is that they are different.

And get this:

“One of the great things about Google’s internal communication mechanisms (G+, mailing lists, etc), is that, as a manager, I can easily go find out if I really want to work with you,” wrote another individual described on social media as a Google manager, Collin Winter. “I keep a written blacklist of people whom I will never allow on or near my team, based on how they view and treat their coworkers. That blacklist got a little longer today.”


In another post, alleged Site Reliability Manager Paul Cowan warned to employees that “freedom of speech is the right to freely express an opinion. It is most assuredly not the right to express an opinion with freedom from the consequences.”

Cowan continued to reference a post from Google dissidents, who were discussing the blacklists being created by an “SJW cabal” at the company, before defending the concept of punishing anti-SJW employees.

“To be clear: this is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable,” he declared. “Quoting this as if it were some egregious abuse of power, or of your rights, is laughable… My life, happiness, and mental health, are worth too much to me to burn my precious happy-fu working with people I find contemptible, unpleasant, or even in some cases merely irritating.”

These are high-income, high status people who apparently can say these things in one of the largest, most powerful corporations in the U.S., and not only get away with it, but be positively praised for such statements.

They are the same kind of people who in other times and places herd those they don’t like onto cattle cars. I don’t think they’d hesitate for an instant to do it to you and me if they got the chance.

The only question now is, will they get the chance?