Attack of the Killer Lesbians

Two privileged women who like to bully heteros

“We’re better than you, so you’d better watch out.”

As I’ve pointed out before, the elites and their leftist hangers-on hate and despise ordinary people, especially Christians. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the current campaign of vicious attacks by homosexuals and lesbians on normal people who have made the mistake of believing they are free.

Examples include:

  • A Christian baker in the Denver, Colorado area who declined to make a wedding cake for a pair of homosexuals. He was pounced upon, sued, and ritually humiliated by the courts, forced to undergo re-education (also called “sensitivity training), and to submit to involuntary servitude to his tormentors.
  • A Christian pizzeria owner in Indiana who naively answered leading questions by a malicious reporter about whether he might cater a homosexual “wedding.” He was subjected to a barrage of abuse by well-off bien-pensants, as well as threats by local crazies, purely on the basis of an off-the-cuff response to a hypothetical question .
  • A Christian florist in Washington, who has been dragged to court by the State for refusing to provide flowers to a homosexual “wedding.”
  • A Christian couple running a bakery in the hipster-lefty-infested Portland Oregon area, who have been found guilty by a an “administrative law judge” (so much for “due process”) of causing “emotional suffering” to a lesbian couple for not baking them a cake for their “wedding.” They have been ordered to pay their “victims” $135,000.
  • A cab driver in New York City who was fined $10,000 for telling his lesbian passengers to stop snogging in his cab, and calling them bad names after they left without paying. The cab driver, apparently under some illusion that he had the right to enforce standards of decency in his taxi, had the audacity to tell them to “keep that [behavior] for the bedroom or get out of the cab.” The triumphant couple (see photo above) are a television executive and an “actress,” for whom a $10,000 fine would probably not cause near as much damage as it will to the father-of-four cab driver. That’ll show him who’s boss.

Left unsaid in most of these incidents is just how easy it would probably be to find someone who would gladly provide services to the aggrieved parties. Are you telling me that there aren’t bakeries in Portland and Denver who wouldn’t supply a “gay wedding” cake? Or that there were no “gay” florists to be found?

No, in most of these cases it looks as if the victims were targeted by their tormentors in a deliberate attempt to provoke them into a trap. Even the lesbian cab smoochers displayed arrogant,  provocative behavior seemingly calculated to get a reaction.

And here’s the thing. My suspicion is that in all or most of these cases, the aggrieved parties are not only higher status, but better off financially than the people they are going after.

Progressives today are openly targeting and trying to destroy people who are poorer than they are. It’s the kind of haughty cruelty that brings to mind the worst of cliches about Old World aristocracy.

It used to be that lefties at least made a show of caring about the plight of the ordinary man. No longer. Now their contempt and hatred of the average American is right out in the open.

Jack Daniel stifles prosperity

WhiskeyThe beer, wine, and liquor trade is one of the most politically-corrupted industries in America. That’s due in part to our history of blue-nosed Puritans trying to use the power of the state to make us all just as virtuous and unhappy as they.  I’m sure I needn’t point out the ridiculous attempt to outlaw the sale of alcohol under Prohibition, which predictably resulted in huge rises in alcoholism, crime, and poisonings, as desperate alkys drank “denatured” alcohol that had been poisoned to protect them.

Although Prohibition was ended when its horrific damage to society became too obvious to ignore, it was one of the very few times the state has pulled back from trying to run our lives. And it didn’t pull back very much. Alcohol is still heavily regulated and taxed, for our own good of course. In my home state of Virginia, for example, liquor can only be sold in state-owned stores. And established alcohol sellers and makers have long since learned to cozy up to the power of the state.

Take a look at major contributors to the campaigns for legislator and governor in any state, and you’re almost certain to find that beer, wine, and liquor distributors are right at the top of the list. That’s because, like most state regulation, alcohol regulation serves the established businesses it is supposed to oversee, by raising barriers to entry. A liquor distributing license, for example, is very difficult (and expensive) to get, and thus it’s really a license to make money.

Another example of this symbiotic relationship is what’s going on now in Tennessee. It seems that the Jack Daniel distillery has managed to persuade the honorable legislators of Tennessee to pass a law saying that whiskey makers in the state have to make their whiskey the way Jack Daniel does. Even if they want to make it differently. That adds a great deal of expense to the process, with debatable effects on quality, and, as intended, raises a barrier to entry:

Distillers: Stuffy whiskey law stifles town’s revival

The only thing standing in the way, say distillers Michael Ballard and Jesse James Dupree, is the state’s stuffy law restricting how spirits must be made so they can be marketed as “Tennessee Whiskey.” …

“It’s been over a year now that we’ve sat dormant because of this whiskey law,” Dupree said. “That’s another 30 people in this town who would be working.” The elements of the state law most under dispute are that spirits must be filtered through charcoal and stored in unused oak barrels in order to be called Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel’s argues that the law establishes basic quality requirements. Ballard and Dupree disagree.

This is also an example of how Minitrue twists the truth. It’s not that Tennesee is “stuffy” at all. It’s much more sinister: collusion between the state and rent-seeking businesses to prevent competition.

I’ll never drink Jack Daniel’s again. I used to like it, but then it seemed to get less flavorful. At first I thought my sense of taste was deteriorating. Then I found that they had watered it down, first from from 90 to 86 proof, and finally to 80 proof. So much for their cant about “quality.” And now this.

Uber delenda est

New-Logo-Vertical-Dark copyI thought that old-style Marxist analysis was pretty much dead, overwhelmed and elbowed out by critical theory. But no, it’s still around, and still as ridiculous as ever, although not as well-written — or even as well thought-out:

Today, the vision of a truly speeded Earth wanders as a mirage, meandering with possibilities beside us. From logistics that clock products and services across this world, to unprecedented, and often nefarious, advancements in smart infrastructure and science, and most notably, the connectivity of our world through social media — our lives are already at a fight against death.

No, I don’t know what it means, either. But wait, it gets better. What the little dear is getting at is that the Net-based car service Uber is a vicious octopus, taking over the world and pulling unsuspecting car drivers into its clammy embrace, there to be trapped and turned into dehumanized robots never to know the taste of freedom again. And here you thought it was a way for people to give other people rides and earn money. Also, Uber’s into sex slavery:

At the tap of a button, the Uber driver is at the command of its customer, ready to transport an individual or a clique to their destination. The software from its very core connects absolute strangers as commercial associates. And when we factor in the fluctuating fare rates Uber controls very often, or the commission the corporation takes, using its drivers as independent contractors responsible for their own wear and tear, then the very old, assaultive and objectifying practice of procuring, or more colloquially and relatively, of pimping, comes to mind.

Prostitution is at the behest of every patriarchal society. When bodies are objectified as commodities to provide pleasure, either sexual, or in Uber’s case — to that of “instant gratification” which, too, aligns along a sexual verse — exploitation flourishes for a very basic reason: that anyone can be used for being a human being.

The world is a terrifying place indeed, for those in the know.

The real issue, of course, is the one that motivates all leftist agendas: power and control. Uber has established a new hired-transportation paradigm, one that isn’t subject to many of the old rules established to enable the state to rule us and interfere in our private affairs and transactions. That means it is a threat to the established order.

Thus the many scare stories in Minitrue about people having bad experiences with an Uber ride. The irony here is that the writer of this screed believes she is attacking the established order like a good little Marxist, when she’s really just a running dog for the Establishment.