Judeo-Nazis murder children. America yawns.


Any illusions reasonable people may have that Israel’s regime is somehow “defending” itself by shelling, bombing, and rocketing Gaza civilians should be put to rest by the above photo. It shows the bodies of two little boys killed by shells fired by an Israeli gunboat while they were playing soccer on a beach. There were apparently no targets that could be interpreted as military nearby, and the area was peaceful before the attack began. Witnesses said that after the first shell hit, the boys ran for their lives, but the shelling followed them, killing four and wounding another three.

This is not the first time this has happened. As with other Israeli atrocities, such as shooting little kids in the head or shelling ambulances, the Israelis tend to do the same thing over and over. Here’s an account of Israeli helicopters destroying ambulances during the attack on Lebanon on 2006. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re doing the same thing to the Gazans today.

And, like their individual atrocities, the current murderous Israeli rampage in the the giant concentration camp called the Gaza Strip also follows a familiar pattern, with a slight twist.

The way things usually work is this: after a period of relative peace, with no violence on either side, and the hated Hamas regime ruling Gaza behaving relatively reasonably, the Israeli regime provokes an incident, and uses the ensuing violent reaction on the part of Gazans to justify a vicious attack on innocent civilians.

Back in 2006, Gaza suffered under a starvation blockade engineered by the Israeli regime to collectively punish Gazans for freely electing a government the Israelis didn’t like. But apparently subjecting a million and a half civilians to penury, disease, and malnutrition wasn’t cruel enough, so the Israelis shelled an apartment building in Gaza, killing 15 and wounding 45. The shelling happened just hours after Hamas and its allies had unilaterally initiated a truce.

When that didn’t get the kettle boiling, an Israeli gunboat shelled a beach on which Gazan families were peacefully picnicking. Eight civilians — mostly children — were blown to bloody bits.

huda-ghalia-captureTen-year old Huda Ghalia mourns the massacre of her entire family by an Israeli gunboat in 2006.

The resulting outraged but totally ineffective attacks by Gazans on Israel were used to justify an invasion with tanks and bombing and shelling that made what came before look like a tea party. The Israelis smugly called it “Operation Summer Rains.” Hundreds of trapped, helpless Gazans died, and their water, sewer, and other utilities so necessary for life and health were pounded to bits, making the survivors’ lives even more miserable than they already were.

The latest murderous rampage follows that familiar pattern. The Israelis took advantage of the kidnapping and murder, by persons unknown, of three Israeli teenage illegal settlers on the occupied West Bank, which is not the Gaza Strip, and not ruled by Hamas at all, but by the Palestinian Authority. It seems clear that the Israeli regime had planned the current operation beforehand, and were simply waiting for an excuse.

What makes these atrocities worse is the pompous excuses we have come to expect from the Israeli regime’s defenders in the Ministry of Truth, otherwise known as the mainstream press. We get the tired canard that “terrorists” are hiding behind “human shields,” never with any proof, and which, in any case, conveniently ignores the fact that this means that the Israelis know they will be killing innocent civilians when they attack so-called “militants.” And then there’s the egregious cowardice of our politicians when it comes to confronting Israel about its atrocities.

And now the chief Israeli mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu is complaining that the Palestinians are using “telegenically dead” civilians for propaganda. I think that’s a bit rich coming from a regime that energetically publicizes whenever an Israeli civilian gets his hair mussed by Palestinian attacks, and constantly harps on the 70-year-old Holocaust as justification for its crimes.

As I’ve pointed out before, the Israelis are today’s Nazis. As the Gazans, who have nowhere to run, are massacred by the overwhelming might of Israeli air power and armor, Israeli civilians sit out on lawn chairs and enjoy the spectacle. This is America’s ally. These are the people to whom our rulers give billions of our tax dollars.

It makes me proud to be an American.