Moto-jingoism swamps the Imperial capital

Marine salute

Today, as on every Memorial Day weekend, Washington City is awash with hordes of biker dudes, wrapping themselves in the flag, blasting around on unmuffled machines, and generally being a nuisance. They are here as part of “Rolling Thunder,” an event that is supposedly in support of American missing prisoners of the War Against the Vietnamese. In fact, however, they are doing nothing to expose the betrayal of hundreds of those prisoners of war, who were left to rot and die because of the cowardice of Richard Nixon and his henchman Henry Kissinger.


It’s beyond ironic that these people, who are supposedly concerned about the fate of the missing men, are participating in an event that is organized with the help of the establishment that continues to cover up the truth about their fate, even gathering at the Pentagon, which has actively stonewalled all attempts to explore the issue.

As I point out in my article “Rolling Flatulence” of several years ago, “Rolling Thunder” is a an officially-sanctioned circus that covers up the real truth about POW-MIAs. It propagates the jingoistic attitudes that help make war such a profitable enterprise for our rulers, and such a horrific burden on the rest of us.


The Joys of Multiculturalism

In a previous post I commented on the problems caused in Britain by the small colonies of Pakistanis there, some of whom act on their religious beliefs that it’s morally acceptable to rape women and especially underage girls.

Another example of such attitudes that may not be completely compatible with Western ideals is a Pakistani immigrant in Brooklyn who beat his wife to death because she talked back to him and cooked him some food he didn’t like.

The man’s lawyer says he shouldn’t be convicted of murder because “He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife.” So that’s all right, then.

Maybe we should be thinking about whether we want to encourage more people from such a culture to live here. It’s just a thought.

Meet Mr. Poo!

Mr. PooPublic defecation is a huge problem in India, so there’s now a campaign, like an anti-litter campaign here, to discourage it. It uses an anthropomorphic turd. I’m not kidding.

This story is terrifying. It says that only half the population of the country uses toilets, and 44 percent of mothers dispose of their children’s feces in the open. But that’s not the scary part.

This is the scary part:

This campaign is promoted in television spots, and also on smart phone apps!

Think about that. Apparently many of the same people who think nothing about squatting and doing their business in public places have TVs and smart phones!

This illustrates the fact that Indian society is quite a bit different than ours. I remember reading about the founding of the Indian state. A Western reporter was covering a meeting of the Indian Congress, which later became the Congress Party. He noted that the meeting area, which was outside, was littered with feces, which had been left by the supposedly well-educated participants. He remarked on this to one of the Congress members, who shrugged and pointed out that it was not up to members of his caste to clean up turds.

Then there was the revelation that Morarji Desai, the Prime Minister of India from 1997 to ’99, started every morning with a refreshing drink of his own urine — which apparently is not uncommon — and recommended washing your eyes with it to prevent cataracts. The urine and feces of sacred cows is sold in India for medicinal purposes.

Of course, we’re talking about Hindus here, and India has many other religions, including Jainism, in which believers end their lives by deciding to “live on air,” and Islam. Muslims from the Indian subcontinent have colonized Britain, and it seems to have led to some problems. Pakistanis, who make up only 4 percent of the the population, are responsible for 91 percent of rapes, many against underage girls, which has led to some hard feelings. Apparently the Islamic teaching that the rape of infidels is actually a good thing clashes with traditional British beliefs.

The point is this: people who come from other countries don’t just look different. They often view the world in fundamentally different ways. And sometimes that means that having a lot of them in our country may have some undesirable effects. I understand that to say such a thing is considered evil by the people who decide what is good and bad, but there you are.

Home schooled? You’re fired!

A company named NiSource rescinded its hiring of somebody because they discovered he had been home schooled.

Ostensibly the reason is that his high-school diploma is considered invalid. That’s because the state of Ohio does not recognize diplomas earned by home schooled kids. It’s a nice little Catch-22, especially because home schooled kids tend to be far better educated than those who’ve gone through the public child prison system.

It’s an example of the ways the “private sector” and the state collude against people who stray off the reservation. Home schooling is viewed as a threat by our rulers because it protects kids from the state schools’ relentless indoctrination in being good little docile “citizens,” with no capacity for critical thinking. As a result of this little action parents will be forced to consider whether they want their children to have their economic prospects crippled for life if they home school them.

This is the way Polite Totalitarianism works. Nobody goes to jail; the state doesn’t have to actively threaten anyone. But you wind up getting penalized for resisting the state just the same.

It’s interesting to note that NiSource is in the energy distribution business, which is heavily state regulated and often makes use of the “eminent domain” principle to dispossess people of their property with the help of the state. The company also recently received an “ethics” award, and its website boasts about its policies supporting “sustainability,” “inclusion and diversity,” and other modern-day politically-correct shibboleths. Maybe this guy is lucky he didn’t get the job, after all.

Cops arrest nine-year-old

And increasingly common sight in our supposedly free society
An increasingly common sight in our supposedly free society

Cops in Portland, Oregon, arrested a nine-year-old girl, handcuffed her, and put her in a jail — for getting in a fight.

This isn’t the first time, by any means, that we’ve seen this kind of brutality. It’s happening more and more, all over the country, even to kindergartners.

What can we say about a society in which this kind of thing is allowed to happen, and, for the most part, accepted? This is indeed Bizarro World.

People retrieve stolen property — and our masters don’t like it

It seems that a growing number of people who’ve had their iPhones stolen are using an app that tells them where the phone is, and, horrors! going to retrieve them themselves. Instead of calling the Authorities, which is the proper thing to do, so that they can ignore you.

The New York Times is apparently concerned about this trend, as it seems to indicate a troubling tendency to self-sufficiency and initiative among the proles:

“This is a new phenomenon — it’s not simply running after the person to grab the phone,” said George Gascón, the San Francisco district attorney and a former police chief. “It opens up the opportunity for people to take the law into their own hands, and they can get themselves into really deep water if they go to a location where they shouldn’t go.”

Yeah, well we can’t have people Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands, now can we? It might result in violence, which only the police are allowed to inflict on us. The Times, genteely  fanning itself to prevent a fainting spell, is quite rightly horrified at the idea:

And although pursuing a thief can occasionally end in triumph, it can also lead to violence, particularly because some people arm themselves — hammers are popular — while hunting for their stolen phones.

This is just too much for a civilized newspaper to bear.

Even the Times, though, has to admit that calling the police probably won’t get you your phone back:

Still, although police departments have devoted more resources to combating smartphone theft, most cannot chase every stolen device right away, especially if the phone was left idly on a bar rather than seized in an armed robbery.

So, remember. You’re a sheep. You don’t have a right get your property back, unless the Authorities condescend to retrieve it for you.  Now go back to sleep.

Just enough enemies

Have you ever noticed that the United State always seems to have just the right number of enemies? Not so many that it can’t handle, but enough to justify terrifying the citizenry, imposing ridiculous “security” measures on us, and, most especially, spending hundreds of billions of dollars it really doesn’t have on the biggest, most expensive war machine the world has ever seen.

Think about it. When the Soviet Union collapsed, it looked as if the Empire would have nobody to fight. But just in time, Saddam Hussein invaded the cozy little family-run dictatorship of Kuwait and Zowie! all of a sudden there was a brand-new enemy to fight — despite the fact that Iraq had been a friendly power up to that point.

After Bush Il-sung kicked Saddam’s hairy bottom back to Iraq, the U.S. moved on to bombing Serbia, which had committed the heinous crime of refusing to kowtow to U.S. hegemony.

And after Serbia was beaten into submission, 9/11 provided a wonderful excuse for Bush Jong-il to invade Afghanistan — known to history as “the graveyard of empires” — and to finish the job on Saddam, even though he had nothing to do with the events of that day. And so we got the “War on Terr” as Clueless George called it.

Now, however, the whole War on Terror seems to be running out of steam, as Americans grow weary of killing Muslims, flushing trillions of dollars down the drain, and destroying the U.S. economy, all to no noticeable good effect. The Empire is being forced to leave Afghanistan, and has already pulled most of its troops out of Iraq, leaving it at a loose end. Muammar Ghadaffi made a good enemy, but he got killed off too soon. And, sure, murdering people in Yemen with drone strikes is cool, but it doesn’t have the kind of scope that offers thrills and sinecures to Neo-Trot warmongers and fat contracts to their “defense” contractor buddies.

What’s needed is a new Enemy. And just in time, we got one! Vladimir Putin, the new Designated Hitler! The mainstream press, our informal Ministry of Truth, piled on with all kinds of stories about what a horrible macho man he is, with terrible taste in casual wear. With any luck, this new confrontation can be turned into a new Cold War. And if, somehow, peace breaks out, well, there’s always China.

True, there are other factors at work here, and the whole dynamic that turned Putin into the Empire’s Great Satan is a bit more complicated. My friend and fellow contributor to The Last Ditch, Dr. Stephen Sniegoski, explains just what’s going on in his essay, “The Ukrainian Crisis: The United States, Russia, and Israel”. Like everything he writes, his piece is well-researched and well-thought-out. Read it.